WHERE TO FIND US We've partnered with select businesses in Calgary, who also love kokedama, to share kokedama with our community. If you are looking for something made to order just for you, we make kokedama to order as well.

Atelier Secret Kokedama! our first dedicated retail location. It was designed to draw guests into mindfulness with clean whites and kokedama focus areas. We would love to have you as our guest, hide out for a little while. While you visit we hope that you'll feel the same peace we feel when we make, care for kokedama.

You'll find us at the very back in the super secret popup space at Stuff for Living on 11 Ave. Just walk in and you can't miss our sign at the back.

   102, 709 11 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


In collaboration with Monogram Coffee, we created the Coffea Arabica Kokedama. It is the pinacle of kokedama for the true coffee lover/nerd/snob, a coffee arabica seedling growing in a moss ball. It is a reminder of where the wonderful coffee we drink comes from and how much work it takes to go from seed, to tree, to fruit, back to seed and finally to cup.

The Coffee Arabica Kokedama is a Monogram Coffee exclusive available only in Monogram Coffee's Altador and 5th Avenue Place cafes.

   4814 16th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta


Philosafy Coffee is a calm collected specialty coffee experience. It gives the feel of old world artisanry in a comfortable atmosphere. When they said "let fill this wall by the window with kokedama!", we said YES!

   632 17 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta


Our first retail partner in Toronto, Ontario, Arvo Coffee was voted Toronto's best new café of 2016. Located in the popular Distillery Historic District, they promote community through coffee service.

   17 Gristmill Lane, Toronto, Ontario